Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the one who showed me the Internet....

A lot of who I am, I owe to my dad. I've enjoyed computers for the majority of my life and that interest started in my dad's den. He would let me play computer games and he pointed out different things about how they work. I remember going with him to a class about computer programming, when I was about 9. I also remember when he showed me the Internet for the first time and explained how email worked. It's fascinating to see what I used to think so amazing, is now a part of everyday life for me.

Whether it was computers, detailed math equations, Theology, or even how to pour soda very carefully, my dad has taught me so much. For this, I am very grateful. So, in honor of the one who introduced me to the Internet and computers, I choose this digital medium to say "Happy Father's Day!" I love you.

Teaching by example
(I have a feeling I was more interested in the sweet stuff in my cup)

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  1. What a great picture, and a lovely essay! I'm also sad that my children will not share that same fascination with computers (and cell phones, and...) because they're too much part of their lives already!