Saturday, June 18, 2011

For the one who showed me the Internet....

A lot of who I am, I owe to my dad. I've enjoyed computers for the majority of my life and that interest started in my dad's den. He would let me play computer games and he pointed out different things about how they work. I remember going with him to a class about computer programming, when I was about 9. I also remember when he showed me the Internet for the first time and explained how email worked. It's fascinating to see what I used to think so amazing, is now a part of everyday life for me.

Whether it was computers, detailed math equations, Theology, or even how to pour soda very carefully, my dad has taught me so much. For this, I am very grateful. So, in honor of the one who introduced me to the Internet and computers, I choose this digital medium to say "Happy Father's Day!" I love you.

Teaching by example
(I have a feeling I was more interested in the sweet stuff in my cup)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life and Frisbee

Frisbee inventor Walter Frederick Morrison
I played Frisbee last night. No, this is not a declaration of something unusual or rare but it sets the scene of my comments. While pondering some of the plays that were made or attempted, my mind has been formulating some thoughts that might be worthwhile to others.

Playing a good game of Frisbee is my goal on nights like last night. I try to pick up tips and improve my game, step by step. A few weeks ago I was talking to some friends about team loyalty and how to adjust when you get swapped for another player. One of my struggles was switching my "allegiance" and playing well with my new team. Then one friend mentioned that working towards playing a good game can happen regardless of who you are playing with. This brought to my mind that I was spending too much time thinking about what I had done wrong (real or imagined), instead of focusing on improving the rest of the game.

I started to examine my thought process during a game. One of the driving forces to play well was to be a wanted and valuable team member. When I dropped the Frisbee or threw it poorly, my drive diminished because I started thinking about how bad I was playing instead of trying to improve my catches and throws. The more I thought about my potential to over-think my failure, I realized that life has some similarities to a Frisbee game.

Since that lunch discussion and my "analysis", I have realized that all lot of us dwell too much on the past. If you were playing a Frisbee game and someone threw you a wild Frisbee, you probably wouldn't start griping for the next 5 plays, about that thrower and how bad they were. You would start guarding someone and hope to get the Frisbee back into your team's possession. So, why do we gripe about how someone hurt us 10 years ago or how we would be different if a specific event hadn't occurred in our lives? Or even dwelling on what we thought would be pleasant things that didn't happen when we thought they should?

The reality is this: the past is important, because it is true. But, complaining, griping, and slandering people as part of your past accomplishes nothing today, except discord and discontent. In Psalm 139:16 it says:

     "[God's] eyes have seen my unformed substance;
     And in [His] book were all written
     The days that were ordained for me,
     When as yet there was not one of them."

Do you acknowledge His sovereignty? Will you accept where He took you and the things that He allowed in your life? Or will you complain and miss the next five "Frisbees" that are being thrown your way?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tips for making your Scentsy bars last longer

Do you have a Scentsy warmer? Have you ever wondered how to make your fragrances last longer so that you're getting the best "bang for your buck"? Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal!

First, get a timer from Wal-Mart (Or your other preferred shopping place). When you set it to come on a periodic times throughout the day, you maximize the scent. It takes no more than 30 minutes to melt it. Leave it on 30-60 minutes and then have it shut off. You can have it come on a the best time for your enjoyment! I set mine to come on just before I get home from work so I walk into a room that smells great - and I know it hasn't been filling the room all day.

Second, switch out your scents periodically. This helps combat the natural anosmia that we get when exposed to a certain scent for a long amount of time. (e.g. I had Peach a la Mode going for over 24 hours, I could still smell it when I came home [albeit more faintly] but my brother, who was home all day, couldn't smell it anymore.) You can save the wax you take out and then try it again after you get tired of the "new" scent.

Third, turn off your warmers when you're cooking. The bacon that you're cooking is going to win the contest :) You will want it to fight odors that remain after supper is almost ready.

I hope these suggestions are helpful! Do you have other ideas? Please share them in the comments below.